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California Vets - Get familiar with the bills recently signed into law by Gov. Brown
State of California-October 27, 2012
Gov. Brown signed a bunch of bills into law last month. Get educated and learn if any of these benefit you.
Veterans and Families - Get out your vote!
-October 13, 2012
Less than a month until the national election! Make sure your deployed spouse or family member has received their absentee ballot! Check and make sure you are registered here: www.veteransforastrongamerica.org/vote We are not endorsing the site, but the portal for checking and getting folks registered is clean-cut and straightforward! Exercise the rights you defend!!
Register to vote!! Employment assistance options
-September 29, 2012
Today on Veteran Radio, we will outline some ways to help ensure veterans and their families are registered to vote. We will also be talking with an employment match-maker that does more than find vets jobs. Please join us!!
Saturday! August 11, a discussion about the Ohio Voter Lawsuit
-August 10, 2012
Tomorrow on Veteran Radio, we will be joined by former Army Captain Jason Fritz (@JasonFritz1) and discuss this voting lawsuit in Ohio. There is more than meets the eye. We will touch on all the veteran groups opposed to suit, and dig deep into how this affects civilian/military relationships. These issues, and more, plus your phone calls (888-923-1380). Tune in to 1380 KTKZ or stream it live on KTKZ.com, 1100pacific/1400eastern.
This Saturday, PTSD and the military Family
-July 12, 2012
This Saturday, we have a special guest joining the program to discuss PTSD. Dr. Lorie DeCarvalho is an established Clinical Psychologist who has worked with DoD and the VA in developing clinical treatments to PTSD. She is the author of several books, her most recent one we will be discussing as it bridges the stresses of PTSD and its affects with military families. Dr. DeCarvalho will be with us for the whole hour as we touch on everything from helping discern the differences from PTSD and "adjustment" issues to the thresholds that clinicians face when there may be more than PTSD, such as undiagnosed TBI, or CTE. We will bridge those observations to the family dynamic since it is our families that will really see the nuances that are affected when a loved one returns home from deployment. Please join us Saturday at 1100 pacific on 1380 KTKZ in Sacramento. For those that are outside the market, please stream us live at www.KTKZ.com. Thank you for you support!